About us

Photography-cards.com as website created by a group of photography, videography and design professionals from different parts of the words: US, Australia and even Russia. We’ve traveled the world, filmed weddings, made a large number of studio and commercial photoshoots and spent thousands of hours editing photos and videos as well as creating adds. We’ve come to a conclusion that there are ways to make editing easier and faster. Our products are fully adjustable and relevant. Their aim is to improve speed of your editing workflow.

We are extremely passionate about what we do and really enjoy sharing our tricks with you. Our mission is to help you spend less time and achieve great end result.

Our mission statement

We’ve seen a large number of website selling products at extreme prices. We strongly believe that great product collections should be accessible to all photographers. That is why we are selling our products with reasonable discounts. Due to large sales volume we keep our projects profitable.


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